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We are seeking a Synthetic Biologist to contribute in advancing our Cell-free Biosynthesis platform for production of novel molecules and potential therapeutics. The Synthetic Biologist will be joining DeepBiome’s Digital Synthesis team and working in a cross-functional project team. Types of activities include prototyping and optimizing novel cell-free biosynthesis systems, variant library construction, bacterial transformation and culturing, confirmation of clones and product screening.


  • High-throughput genetic modification, cultivation, transformation, and screening of microbes developed for DeepBiome’s Cell-free Biosynthesis platform;

  • Follow standard operating procedures to create cell extracts from different microbes;

  • Construct, test and optimize new genes, plasmids, and pathways for biosynthesis of novel molecules and potential therapeutic compounds;

  • Use of computational tools and databases;

  • Design and execute experiments in conjunction with scientists across functional groups and support of senior scientist in project;

  • Maintain a laboratory notebook with detailed notes and trackable time-stamps;

  • Acquire, evaluate, interpret, and present scientific data


  • Ph.D. or M.Sc. with 3-years industrial experience in Synthetic Biology, Bioengineering, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology or a related field in a laboratory setting;

  • Experience in isolation, culture, storage and archiving of various microorganisms including but not limited to E. coli, S. cerevisiae, and Streptomyces spp.;

  • Experience in host modification, genome editing (Red/ET recombination, CRISPR and/or other microbial homologous recombination techniques), bacterial conjugation;

  • Excellent laboratory skills, proficient in a wide variety of molecular biology techniques (DNA cloning, DNA isolation, DNA sequencing, protein expression, protein detection, protein purification…etc.);

  • Proficient in BLAST search, sequence alignment, genomic database search, secondary metabolite database search and related software;

  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to manage multiple projects in parallel;

  • High attention to detail and careful record keeping;

  • Independent and highly self-motivated;

  • Able to adjust and thrive in a fast paced, dynamic, team-driven work environment.

Highly Preferred

  • Experience with Cell-Free Protein Synthesis is an asset;

  • Experience with high throughput cultivation techniques and biochemical assays is desirable;

  • Knowledge of enzymology and fermentation technology (shake flask and bioreactor) is desirable;

  • Prior experience in drug discovery and in the use of robotic automation (high throughput liquid handler) and familiarity with GLP procedures is a plus;

  • Experience in scripting and working with large datasets is preferred.


  • Competitive salary, top benefits, and stock options.

To Apply

Please send the following materials to

  • Brief self intro and interest

  • Resume

  • References

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